Nominate Your Favourites For Lifehacker’s Best Of The Year Awards

Nominate Your Favourites For Lifehacker’s Best Of The Year Awards

Good products and services deserve to be acknowledged and rewarded. So Lifehacker is rounding out 2010 by asking our readers to vote for our Best Of The Year awards and identify the crucial stuff that you truly can’t live without.

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We’re going to give out awards in five categories, which reflect the main topics we cover here at Lifehacker:

  • Best Desktop App
  • Best Web App
  • Best Mobile App
  • Best ISP
  • Best Mobile Broadband Service

While we’ve got some definite ideas about contenders for each of these categories, I’m sure that there’s plenty more you guys have to recommend as well. So over the next fortnight, we’ll be looking for your suggestions for worthy contenders in these areas.

Put your suggestions for nominees in any or all categories (and tell us why you picked them) in the comments. We’ll assemble them together over the next two weeks, then we’ll pick out a top five of potential nominees and official voting for each category will begin!


  • Best Desktop App/Web App/Mobile App = Dropbox.
    Why? Because its awesome. I use it on all 3 platforms and it works flawlessly all the time, I rarely bother with a USB stick anymore

    • Best Desktop App = Seesmic Desktop – the first app I open for all my tweets and social communications
      Best Web App = GMail and Dropbox
      Best Mobile App = Seesmic on Blackberry and Android
      Best ISP = Optus

  • Desktop App: Dropbox – use it every single day, no complaints.
    Web App: ABC iView – brilliant! , Gmail – search is fantastic
    Mobile App: Dropbox. iBooks – very comfortable to read on ipad, use it daily.
    ISP: iiNet – service is wonderful (esp. churning from TPG), pricing is good, always amongst the first to unmeter content.

  • Desktop Apps I Can’t Go Without:
    – CCleaner
    – Microsoft Security Essentials
    – Firefox + Adblock
    – DuckLink Screen Capture
    – Foobar 2k
    – VLC Media Player
    – DoPDF
    – WinRAR
    – VSO COnvertX to DVD – A+++
    – Easy CD-DA Extractor
    – Foxit PDF Reader
    – Mobile Me

    Best Broadband (for me anyway)
    – TPG (been with then for almost 8 years)

    • I forgot to mention why they are so great!

      – CCleaner – Minimalistic, efficient and SAFE junk file cleaner which keeps your pc maintained.
      – Microsoft Security Essentials – A slim effective up to date FREE anti virus which is memory sufficient compared to the rest.
      – Firefox – A more secure / customizable browser as an alternative for IE.
      – Ducklink – Great free screen capturing tool
      – Foobar – A TINY fast and customizable audio player!!! awesome!
      – VLC – Free open source media player compatible with almost any format
      – DoPDF – Free PDF Creator which keeps all borders of a print in alignment all the time
      – WinRAR – great compression utility – fast and effective
      – VSO ConvertX To DVD – Create great DVD’s of your personal videos or any video fast and with high quality
      – Easy CD-DA – Great for ripping audio cd’s to ANY format any quality you wish with a great CDDB database
      – Foxit PDF – Alternate fast/slim PDF reader which integrates to your browser
      – Mobile ME – Great for a cloud service/email/calendar (which is what i use it for) oh and to find my iphone if it got stolen again! 😉

  • Best Desktop App: Firefox, Steam, VLC, MSE
    Best Web App: GoogleMaps or GoogleReader
    Best Mobile App: Dropbox, EpicWin, Evernote
    Best ISP: iiNet
    Best Mobile Broadband: Telstra

  • * Best Desktop App – XBMC
    * Best Web App – ZamZar (file coversion)
    * Best Mobile App – IMDB(iOS)
    * Best ISP – TPG (for value for money)(i think it should be different categories)
    * Best Mobile Broadband Service (McDonalds, available everywhere and free)cant give it to any of the big 3…(telstra – overpriced, V & O flaky and oversubscribed)

  • Best Desktop App: Firefox
    Best Web App: Google Suite (Mail, Reader, Docs, etc)
    Best Mobile App: TeamViewew, Foursquare, Facebook, eBay
    Best ISP: TPG
    Best Mobile Broadband: 3Mobile.

  • Best Desktop App – TweetDeck
    Best Web App – Google Reader
    Best Mobile App – DropBox
    Best ISP – Adam Internet
    Best Mobile Broadband Service – (in my opinion, they are all bad)

  • Best Desktop App – Dropbox, no words necessary.
    Best Web App – Dropbox
    Best Mobile App – Mobile Opera, S60v5 version of the best browser ever made.
    Best ISP – Internode, insanely good value for money. Plenty of data and over 10TB of un-metered content.
    Best Mobile Broadband Service – McDonalds

  • Don’t laugh, best mobile broadband = Vodafone, specifically the pocket wifi.

    Basically it turns me into a walking talking mobile wifi hotspot. Great device, great service. Consistently get line speeds between 3-5 mbps, 10gb allowance is great value for money, whole caboodle is extremely convenient.

    Oh, and I support the Dropbox noms 😉

  • Best Desktop App = Dropbox
    Best Web App = Dropbox
    Best Mobile App = Dropbox
    Dropbox is a game changer. Has made cloud computing viable almost single handedly. Open source AND free! On almost every mobile device. Default on many mobile file, image, rss/web & doc apps.

    Best ISP = Internode
    Best Mobile Broadband Service = 3

    Bonus Round:
    Best Tech = iPad
    Again, game changer. Everyone scrambling to copy,, uptake phenomenal. Who thought tablet frenzy would be the end of 2010, mot of the speculation this year has been iPad competitor based – so far, fail.
    Runner up= Android O/S

  • Best Desktop App = VLC Media Player – savior of my life and my sanity. Lets my luddite partner watch anything she wants to. No fuss.
    Best Web App = Funnily enough I can’t think of anything. I think it’s the old thing if it ain’t bolted down it’s gone. Working in the cloud is just not something I do every day. Well not yet anyway.
    Best Mobile App = WP7 – Yes I know it’s an OS and I know it’s only new but it has some cool features and is only going to get better.
    Best ISP = iiNet – speed is consistent and downtiem is non existent. Even through 3 moves in 3 years across 3 exchanges.
    Best Mobile Broadband Service = no noms from me. I stick to wifi hotspots

  • Best Desktop App – Dropbox, VLC

    Best Web App –

    Best Mobile App – dropbox, nike+ GPS, apple remote (used properly with a house set up with airTunes)

    Best ISP – TPG, after 5 years Never a problem always helpful, wouldnt be with anyone else

    Best Mobile Broadband Service – telstra pre paid mobile wifi

  • Best Desktop App = Chrome, fast, clean like a browser should be, great with Google Apps
    Best Web App = Gmail and Google Docs
    Best Mobile App = MetroView, affordable GPS for iPhone
    Best ISP = iiNet, great upgrades and iiTalk is rock solid
    Best Mobile Broadband Service = Telstra NextG, great coverage and bandwidth and now affordable!

    Best Tech = iPad, amazing has my 70+ mother on the Internet with no problem

  • Best Desktop App: VLC Media player (plays everything)
    Best Web App: Gmail
    Best Mobile App: Air Video (plays everything – remotely)
    Best ISP: TPG (7 years, no issues and huge downloads)
    Best Mobile Broadband Service: Telstra (tethered iPhone, work pays for it, best coverage)

  • Best Desktop App: winPenPack xSoftware Collection (portable applications and application launcher)
    Best Web App: Google Maps
    Best Mobile App: Calvetica (iPhone)
    Best ISP: WestNet (iiNet)
    Best Mobile Broadband Service: n/a

  • Best Desktop App : Google Chrome
    Best Web App :
    Best Mobile App : N/A
    Best ISP : Telstra (reluctantly I put them here as I use them)
    Best Mobile Broadband Service : McDonalds Free WiFi

  • Best Desktop App – Dropbox, took me a while to take the leap – but now I would never look back!
    Best Web App – google public data. I wrote a couple of big essays for my Masters – what an awesome way to collect and graph information quickly and easily, across many time series.

  • Desktop app – CCLEANER – I just keep installing it for friends in trouble

    Best Web App – Google Maps – I never leave home without reading it. And the street view is unreal

  • Best Desktop App: Chrome – It’s almost always open
    Best Web App: Google Docs – For collaboration on uni projects
    Best Mobile App: Gmail for Android
    Best ISP: Don’t have one.
    Best Mobile Broadband Service: Telstra (unfortunately its the only choice other than satellite)

  • Best Desktop App: Notepad++, Google Chrome
    Best Web App: LinkedIn
    Best Mobile App: Tweetdeck
    Best ISP: (not)TPG. I’ve been using them for years and am happy to continue with their service, however.
    Best Mobile Broadband Service: Telstra’s Next G. Finally offering competitive plans, and continuing to deliver reliable service when I need it (this is not a vote for their customer service, however)

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