NaNoWriMo: Fraction Too Much Fiction

The NaNoWriMo novel writing project hasn't imposed too many restrictions on me (other than having to find two hours a day to work on it). But there is one weird constraint: I can't read any other fiction while I'm working on it.

That isn't an official NaNoWriMo requirement: it's just a reflection of my fear that if I read something particularly striking, that will end up influencing what I write. That was particularly a worry early in the month, where I was writing plenty but the style was a tad fluid. I'm relatively confident know about which style I need, but I still don't fancy being distracted (or disenheartened) by something entirely different.

That might be different if I was working in a well-defined genre, though even there the risk of conscious or sub-conscious plagiarism might dissuade me. Do you like to cut off other influences when working on large creative projects, or do they fuel your activity? Share your approach in the comments.


    I'm in the same boat, I cut myself off from reading for NaNo and until I started to play sudoku on the train to and from work, things were incredibly dull. It's still dull, but less so now. What's worse is that there is a collection of superhero themed short stories just sitting on my coffee table waiting to be read, but I'm not sure I should read them until I'm done.

    My plans for finishing the story this month have been abolished, since winning last Monday, I've taken too many days off writing. So I lost all my momentum and thought of a fair few changes that need to be made. Instead of just powering through and finishing things, I'm going back to the start and going to do some editing.

    I find I need to read when writing, otherwise the quality just plummets. I'm pretty strongly influenced by the style of what I'm reading at the time, so I try to read a range of books. I'm not sure whether this means the final product will swing wildly from one style to another, but that's what serious editing is for!

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