Music WithMe Remotely Syncs iTunes Playlists To Android Devices

Windows/Android: If you manage your music collection with iTunes and use an Android device, Music WithMe offers wireless and remote playlist synchronisation. Now you can download your music to your phone whenever and wherever you are.

Music WithMe is absolutely dead simple to use. You install a helper app on the PC that houses your iTunes music collection. You install a synchronisation app on your Android phone. Make sure the app is running on your PC, open the Android app anywhere that you have Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection, and simply check the playlists you want to sync to your Android device. That's it—your songs will be wirelessly synchronised to your device.

The downside to Music WithMe is the price tag. The functionality is flawless, but the price tag is steep at $US14.99. Music WithMe comes with a free 30-day trial which should give you more than enough time to decide if it's worth the price. The key feature is the wireless anywhere syncing; if you don't need remote synchronisation it's not worth the premium.

If you stock your playlists in advance and don't mind doing it at your computer, instead of wirelessly from afar, previously reviewed iSyncr ($2.99) syncs via USB cable or over your home Wi-Fi network. Alternately you could use the free DoubleTwist media player to sync and manage your mobile playlists to your iTunes playlists. Visit the link below for more information and scan the QR code at right to download a copy of Music WithMe to your Android device.

Music WithMe [via Mobiputing]


    I would have thought a primary driver for people buying Android phones would be to get as far away from that clunky piece of turd (iTunes)... I guess some people enjoy facepalming themselves....

      I love iTuness D:

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