Mobile Number Lookup Tells You Which Network A Contact Uses

Not sure which network a given mobile number uses? The Mobile Number Lookup site lets you find out, a handy resource if you want to take advantage of free calls between users of the same network.

Reader Jack offered up the service in response to our post on how to track which phone networks your contacts use, an important consideration if you're aiming for as many free calls as possible.

The service worked pretty well when we tested it, correctly identifying a number which had originally been on Optus but since shifted to Telstra. There's a limit of two queries a day for general use, but that should be enough for many people. Thanks Jack!

Mobile Number Lookup


    No its wrong
    Network doesn't equate with free calls etc
    Tried a phone on Virgin and it said it was Optus

      Maybe it's because Virgin uses Optus' network?

        It does indeed -- but given Virgin only offers free "Virgin to Virgin", not "Virgin to Optus" AFAIK, it is a less helpful level of detail than one might have hoped.

    Vodafone and 3 users have terrific iPhone and Android apps that they can download from their respective app stores. The app scans your contact list and identifies which of your contacts are on the 3 or Vodafone network, enabling you to use your free 3/Voda to 3/Voda minutes.

      Optus has the special ringtone for certain free calls..

    not very reliable. i switched network 6-8 weeks ago but still appear with my old provider.

    I switched from Virgin to Telstra (best move ever), months ago, and it came back that I switched from Virgin to Vodafone, second try gave no previous but got the current provider right.

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