Min.us Is A Dead Simple Drag-And-Drop Photo-Sharing Service

Min.us is a minimalist photo-sharing service that reduces the process of sharing your pictures to just dragging, dropping and sharing the gallery link - no emailing, messing around with more complicated file sharing services or giving friends special directions.

To share images with Min.us you just visit the Min.us page, drag and drop the images you want to share right into the browser pane, wait for them to upload and share the link. Each new gallery gets two links: one for you to share the gallery with others, and one for you to revisit the gallery and edit it. You can register for a free account at Min.us to keep all your galleries organised in one place.

If you want to check out a Min.us gallery in action you can visit the test gallery I created here. (I tested Min.us with a folder of greyscale Wonder Woman images that I used to replace the default screensaver on my wife's Kindle 3.)

Min.us is a free service and requires no registration—a basic email registration enables gallery tracking. Visit the link below to take it for a test drive.

Min.us [via Gizmo's Freeware]



    John here from Minus and just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

    As a new years surprise, we've deployed and added File Upload Support today so give it a try by drag dropping any files onto http://min.us now!

    On top of that per upload size limit is now 10MB! Read more on http://blog.min.us or try uploading some files now onto http://Min.us

    Cheers and again be sure to email us info@min.us any suggestions you have!

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