Make Mashed Potatoes For Just Two People

Mashed potatoes can be seriously comforting at the end of a long day, but most recipes require a lot of potatoes, specific equipment and a big mess. If you only want a couple of servings for two people, this recipe works.

It's a fairly standard mashed potato recipe, with just a few modifications for the smaller pot and fewer ingredients. At the end, you get mashed potatoes, and you don't have to figure out what to do with them for a week's worth of leftovers.

How To Make Mashed Potatoes for Just Two People [Apartment Therapy/The Kitchn]


    Do my eyes deceive me or is this an article suggesting people need help in order to mash two serves of potato???

    FFS people, it's MASHED POTATO ... boil potato, add milk/butter/whatever and mash, if you can't get that right without help then perhaps you should not be permitted access to hot and sharp objects in the first place!

    Next on lifehacker, how to boil water for a single cup of coffee.

      You've got to remember that most lifehacker articles are verbatim from the US version, and in the US it wouldn't be a stretch to say that most people WOULD need help in boiling water for coffee...

      Oh I thought the exact same thing! It's mashed potato! Take potato... mash :P

        Heh, Americans don't boil water for coffee. We buy it at Starbucks.

      Next week: How to brush your teeth using a non-electric toothbrush...

      Come on Lifehacker!

      I was at a pub in Wales last month where the waitress came back to our table a half hour after the order went in to say that they were out of mashed potato and would we like our potatoes cooked any other way....

    Thank you danial and Jon for the awesome commentary, I laughed muchly.

    Personally I'm rapt... I usually use a 10kg bag if potatoes and 2 gallons of milk. I usually have to make it in the bath, and that's just to feed me and my cat. Sadly she doesn't even like potatoes, which results in a lot of leftovers...

    There are recipes for Mashed Potato??

    On a scale of "difficult to cook-ness", Mash comes in below Toast in my opinion... You can't mistakenly overcook Potatos like you can Toast.

    I'm still amazed that anyone couldn't judge how much mash to make...

    Also if you have excess mash just freeze it. Defrosts well and works perfectly for fish pies, shepherd's pies etc.

    Holy shit, this hacked my life pretty hard. In the past, if I wanted mashed potatoes, I only knew how to make if for 15 people. It was really inconvenient. Especially if I had 14 people at the table, and we all wanted mash.

    My life is so hacked now.

    Oh noes!
    I have a great recipe for mashed potatoes but it calls for one (1) cubic metre of potatoes and two (2) hogsheads of butter - feeds one (1) platoon of Cossacks

    Fortunately I learned division and multiplication in grade 4 maths and can scale this recipe up and down depending on how many Cossacks are expected at dinner.

    I have no idea what specific equipment is required for mashed potatoes, a pot to prevent water-fall-on-stove, everything else can basically be substituted with whats on hand.

    I seriously expect to see an article tomorrow entitled "Make Mashed Potatoes For Just One Person - for when two servings is just twice as much as you need!"

    My favourite part is "This method here also requires no masher, no ricer..." Yeah. Imagine that, a way to make mash without a masher or ricer using only... drumroll... a fork! Wow! I guess my grandmother was ahead of her time!

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