Make Gmail's iPhone Web App Full Screen With A Redirect Link

The new Gmail web app for iPhone is great, but that annoying Safari toolbar continues to plague email-reading on iOS. To get rid of it, just bookmark Gmail with this handy redirecting link.

In an attempt to make Gmail feel even more like a native app on the iPhone, reader Christopher created this simple page that redirects to a toolbar-less version of Gmail on iOS. Just navigate to on your iPhone and create a home screen bookmark. Be sure to hit the button quickly, as you only have two seconds before it redirects. It will create a Gmail shortcut on your home screen that takes you straight to a full-screen view of your inbox, replacing the precious screen real estate Safari deprived you of. He's even created a nice icon for it, though you can always change the icon yourself if you prefer something else.

Fullscreen Mobile Gmail [Christopher Kennedy Casey Allen]


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