Lunchtime Wrap: Windows Phone 7 & Warranty-Wrecking Hacks

Lunchtime Wrap: Windows Phone 7 & Warranty-Wrecking Hacks

Didn’t catch Lifehacker over the weekend? Learn the hacks that are worthwhile even if they void your warranty and what’s now on offer in Windows Phone 7.

Top 10 Warranty-Voiding Hacks
You can turn some of your best gear into so much more with a few of the right modifications. The problem is, hacking your gadgetry often means voiding your warranty. Today, forget the shackles of warranty terms and dive right in

Planhacker: Windows Phone 7 Deals
Windows Phone 7 handsets have officially hit the market in Australia, and there’s a range of phones and carriers to choose from. Planhacker rounds up what’s on offer.

How The iPhone Effect Makes Life Difficult For Roaming Travellers
American iPhone owners love their devices, but they’re stuck with a single network — AT&T — that routinely drops calls and loses signal because there’s so many people trying to use it at the same time. Unfortunately, that can have a flow-on effect even if you don’t own an iPhone.

How To Ditch Big Brother And Disappear Forever
So you’ve decided you want to drop off the map and leave Big Brother behind. It’s harder than ever in our always-connected world, but if you’re ready to plan your big vanishing act, here are a few tips to get you started.

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