Lonely Planet Sydney Guide Free For iPhone Users

A couple of weeks ago, Lonely Planet was offering its Melbourne city guide for iPhone users free of charge. Now it has a similar deal for its Sydney iPhone app.

The app follows the same model as the Melbourne guide, with information on major attractions and getting around the city. The app is normally $7.99, so grabbing it as a freebie seems a sensible option, especially as Lonely Planet hasn't said how long it will offer the app for free before reverting to full price.

Lonely Planet Sydney City Guide via OzBargain


    I hope it has better functionality than some of the other guides. I bought the LP Paris e-guide a couple of months ago and found it really anoying. None of the maps from the print version to start with, so had to keep going back and forward to other map tools. And it didn't remember where you were last when minimised so continual scrolling.... the data was good, but not easy to use. Hopefully Melbourne and Sydney work better.

    DAMMIT! I missed the Melbourne one, going there for a holiday in March. I'll have to get this one to see if it's worth spending the $8 on Melbourne...

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