Lock Your iPad's Screen Orientation In iOS 4.2

If you've updated to the latest and greatest version of iOS for the iPad, you're probably fuming at the disappearance of the hardware screen orientation lock. Luckily, the feature still exists, it's just hidden in the iOS software.

To lock the screen orientation in iOS 4.2, hold your iPad in the orientation you want to lock, and double-click the home button to bring up the task switcher. If you slide your finger to the right along the task switcher, you'll get a new screen with some playback, brightness, and volume controls, as well as a button on the left that will lock your screen orientation. It's certainly a bigger pain than it used to be, but at least the feature's still there. The hardware button now acts as a mute button instead.

For the record, this same trick works on the iPhone and iPod touch too — and, while we'd argue that the iPad is a bit different and people are more likely to want to lock their screen orientation quickly than mute it (since it's used for different things), if you're an all-around iOS user, this will make everything a bit more familiar across platforms.

How to Lock the Screen Orientation on Your iPad (with iOS 4.2) [The How-To Geek]


    This only half works on the iphone, there is no way to lock to landscape (unless they have happened to fix this up in 4.2.1)

    I don't get their logic with this change. Even if my iPad is switched to "Mute" it still makes noises... Bring back the lock orientation switch!

    Thanks .. This was driving me crazy.. Impossible to use to read in bed without lock !! Def preferred it on switch tho!.,

    I almost took a hammer to my iPAD. Thanks for this post. I don't get the logic for the change, it is easy enough to lower the volume to mute the device.

    Nice work guys. This was starting to annoy me greatly!

    Lifesaver!! Thanks mate. It was annoying me to death!

    Realizing this is an old thread, but it tops the Google search, I just thought I'd spread the word that you can change what the switch does by going to Settings>General>Use Side Switch to: and change it back to an orientation lock. This is on the new iPad2 with 4.3.2.

    Good luck!

    Many thanks for this tip! Much better to switch the lock via software than manually wear out the slider on the side of the IPad...I ended up breaking the slider on my old IPhone through excessive use, so i won't make the same mistake this time!

    What were they thinking? Did anyone ever complain- where is the mute switch?

    A sign apple is full of yes men

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