Lifehacker Gift Guide: Travel Accessories

Whether for work or pleasure, your travel experience will be enhanced by the right gadgets and accessories. Here's a selection of ideas to please the traveller in your life.

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Minigorilla with iPad adaptor

Cost: $199.99 Where to get it: Powertraveller Why it's a good choice: The Minigorilla provides a portable charging source for all your portable gadgets. Running out of power is a fact of life on the road, so be prepared.

BlackBerry Presenter

Cost: $250 Where to get it: Shop around Why it's a good choice: Deliver presentations direct from your BlackBerry, no laptop required. Saves the whole "pull the notebook out" routine at airport security.

Nigel Leather Travel Wallet

Cost: $99.95 Where to get it: Rushfaster Why it's a good choice: We can forgive it for being called Nigel, because it is red. Also, as well as the expected card and passport slots, it has storage for two SIMs. Neat.



Cost: $49.95 Where to get it: Shop around Why it's a good choice: No more cursing because you can't get differently shaped and oriented adaptors to plug in — the Powerhand has six separate leads connected.

Hookturn BYO Cup

Cost: From $10.95 Where to get it: Hookturn Why it's a good choice: If you're on the road, you'll end up buying takeaway coffee. This offers a greener alternative to disposable cups and won't break in your luggage.


Cost: Around $10 Where to get it: Shop around Why it's a good choice: A basic rule for any traveller is to travel with a powerboard. Consider it as a Secret Santa option.

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    Im not sure how thrilled i would be if i received a powerboard as my secret santa gift however handy it might be!

    Powermonkey explorer. Charges all your gadgets and can itself be charged up from pretty much any socket imaginable or from its solar-powered connector if camping etc. Takes up no more room than a single charger when you pare it down to just the bits you need for your trip.

    Some decent little travel speakers, I've got some old Creative ones that sound pretty awesome providing you're not cranking that volume way up. Have all your fave media on whatever mp3/avi player you travel with so you always have entertaiment. If you can be bothered then setup the ability to update or stream media from home rig when in range of wifi if you really want to.

    Powerboard $10??? There are many for <$5 and I found some at Kmart for $2 (4way)

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