Lifehacker Gift Guide: Musical Christmas Ideas

Music is a fine gift. A CD by Susan Boyle is not. Tune up your Christmas plans with these melodically sound gift suggestions as the Lifehacker Gift Guide 2010 continues.

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Sony RDP-XF100iP

Cost: $499 Where to get it: Sony Why it's a good choice: Strong sound, easy portability and built-in radio when you don't fancy anything on your iPod have made this a favourite in Lifehacker's home office.

Audio-Technica AT2041SP Studio Condenser Microphone Pack

Cost: $295 Where to get it: Allans Music Why it's a good choice: A condensor microphone is a crucial component if you want to set up a home studio; this double pack gives you two models to make it easier to accurately capture a range of instruments and vocals.

Sennheiser CX-310

Cost: $99.95 Where to get it: Shop around online Why it's a good choice: We won't lie to you — the immediate appeal of these earbuds (co-designed with Adidas) is that their design is a world away from dull white or black. But they've also got a range of earpiece adaptors, and quality Sennheiser sound. Did we mention they're blue?


iTunes Cards

Cost: $20 and up (but less with a discount) Where to get it: Wherever the sale is Why it's a good choice: Every time there's an iTunes card sale on, we alert readers and suggest stocking up. So if you don't already have a stash of bargain-priced iTunes cards as gifts, you have only yourself to blame, don't you?

Painted Maracas

Cost: $21.95 Where to get it: Oxfam Why it's a good choice: It's a musical instrument that's so simple anyone can play it; it doesn't need batteries; and it raises funds for a worthwhile charity.

Avoca CD/DVD Cabinet

Cost: $99 Where to get it: Fantastic Furniture Why it's a good choice: Even if your favourite music fan buys new tunes online, they're bound to have a few CDs still around for concerts and video clip collections physical formats remain the clear choice. This cabinet stores both and adjusts easily for other items.

Lifehacker Gift Guide 2010


    All bad?
    You can get wayy better headphones for $100.

    I could never spend that much on headphones because my cat chews through all of mine.

      Easy solution - get rid of the cat.

    That's a gratuitous insult to Susan Boyle. To what purpose? She's a fine and good woman with a lovely voice.

      Tastes differ. But whether you think her voice is "lovely" (you) or "utterly devoid of character" (me), it's hard to argue that a Boyle CD represents a particularly original idea for a gift.

    I've got Sennheiser CX-300 II's and they are great - two year warranty aswell - which has already scored me a replacement pair. Tho for different looks nothing beats the range of SkullCandy ear buds - they have tons of cool options if that's your selling point

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