Lifehacker Gift Guide: Kitchen Ideas

We love cooking, for the most part. Find favour with your foodie friends with this selection of kitchen-centred gifts as our Lifehacker Gift Guide continues.


Sunbeam Ultra Deep Fryer

Cost: $199.00 Where to get it: Shop around Why it's a good choice: OK, it's rampantly unhealthy to deep fry food. But it tastes so good. And at least this way your odds of setting fire to your kitchen or burning yourself are minimised.

Philips AVENT Combined Steamer and Blender

Cost: $239.95 Where to get it: Shop around Why it's a good choice: It's a steamer, and it's a blender. What an odd and oddly compelling combo.

Breville Red Kitchen Scale

Cost: $64.88 Where to get it: Big W Why it's a good choice: Accurate measurement helps many recipes. This scale weighs to the gram, includes a built-in timer and even tells you how unpleasantly warm your kitchen is. Also, it is red.


Australian Women's Weekly Classic Recipes for iPad

Cost: $9.99 Where to get it: Why it's a good choice: An iPad recipe book means no more gravy stains on your favourite cookbook. (Which is not to say we advise pouring gravy over your iPad.)

Rubiks Salt & Pepper Mills

Cost: $24.95 each Where to get it: dstore Why it's a good choice: Because it's easier to dispense salt and pepper from a Rubik's cube than to solve it. And also tastier.

Bevara Sealing Clips

Cost: $4.99 Where to get it: IKEA Why it's a good choice: Not only handy for sealing up food bags in the fridge to keep them fresh, but also useful for holding up odd Christmas decorations. Give them to a rural relative who lacks the joy of IKEA access.

Lifehacker Gift Guide 2010


    I saw a deepfryer at K-Mart, homemaker brand but still it had variable temperature control and a timer, for $29!!!

    Value for money right there.

    Oddly compelling? Awesome idea I say, from someone that makes home pureed baby food......maybe not 250 bucks awesome though.

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