Lifehacker Gift Guide: Christmas Presents For The Disorganised

Lifehacker Gift Guide: Christmas Presents For The Disorganised

Organised types will have finished their Christmas shopping back in September, but most of us need a little more help. The Lifehacker Gift Guide for 2010 kicks off with some perfect gift choices to help the recipients get themselves more organised (including budget-minded options for those of us with rapidly shrinking wallets) .

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CanoScan LiDE200

Cost: $159
Where to get it: Shop around (it’s almost always below the RRP)
Why it’s a good choice: I’ve picked this scanner because it’s the one I use myself, but there’s plenty of good models on the market. A multi-function device that offers scanning or printing is a good alternative choice for a compact home office, but a standalone scanner has the advantage of portability. Plus, you’re not giving a gift that forces people to buy their own ink supplies.

100GB of storage at Dropbox

Cost: $US199 for a year
Where to get it: Dropbox
Why it’s a good choice: Around these parts, Dropbox is synonymous with organising your stuff and all-around coolness. Having 100GB to play with makes it even more flexible. (Dropbox doesn’t offer a gift certificate option, sadly, but you can offer the upgrade to your favourite geek and watch them drool.)

Maestro 2 Drawer Red Ripple Filing Cabinet

Cost: $248
Where to get it: Officeworks
Why it’s a good choice: For people who aren’t ready for the benefits of digitisation, a good-looking filing cabinet is an incentive to sort all that paperwork. For home use, two drawers should be plenty; anything older should probably be filed in the shed or the recycling bin. The festive colour is an added bonus.



Cost: $2 and up
Where to get it: $2 shops, newsagencies, chain stores
Why it’s a good choice: Yes, moving to an electronic calendar has benefits, but there’s a learning curve. Don’t choose a week-a-page pocket option; they’re portable but there’s no room for any actual organisation. Customise the diary with birthdays and other important dates and reminders for added usefulness. Picture by By Markus Rodder.

Niggle It Subscription

Cost: $24.95 (one year)
Where to get it: Niggle It
Why it’s a good choice: Niggle It is a great Australian-developed service to help you track warranties, registrations, passports and other vital documents with an expiry date. For added generosity, offer a couple of hours of your time to help with the process of uploading the initial data. (Bonus: you can use the same gift idea next year when the service expires.)

Signum Cable Organiser

Cost: $29.99
Where to get it: IKEA
Why it’s a good choice: One of your relatives is bound to have a spaghetti junction happening behind their television. This is an easy way to help clear it up.

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