Lifehacker Gift Guide: Android Phones

Lifehacker readers love Android, and naturally we want to share that love with the rest of the world. Here's a range of options for the deserving Android recipient in your life.

Obviously with any phone purchase, you have two choices: buying it outright from a carrier or online store, or signing up for a contract. For a Christmas gift, the former is marginally more likely (and hence what we've usually quoted), but parents might consider the contract route as well.


Motorola Milestone 2

Cost: TBC (released on Optus and Vodafone in December) Where to get it: See above Why it's a good choice: If you want a physical keyboard as well as a touch screen on Android, this is easily the best pick.

Dell Streak

Cost: $649 Where to get it: Optus Why it's a good choice: Gotta love that big, shiny screen for video and general browsing. Just make sure you upgrade it to Froyo.

HTC Desire HD

Cost: Buy on a plan Where to get it: Vodafone Why it's a good choice: HTC's Sense platform is an Android platform expansion that actually kinda makes sense. Plus, it's gorgeous.


Telstra T-Touch Tab

Cost: $299 Where to get it: Telstra Why it's a good choice: Sure, it's a basic device with a resistive screen, but for $299 it's a good choice for getting less tech-obsessed family online.

LG Optimus GT650f

Cost: $504 Where to get it: Telstra Why it's a good choice: It's pretty much the cheapest Android model from a carrier right now.

Android Plush Doll

Cost: $47.11 Where to get it: Dino Direct Why it's a good choice: OK, it's not a phone. But if you want a budget option that won't cause you stress when a youthful recipient loses it at school, look no further.

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    No Budget Huawei U8150 ($199 unlocked)?

    No Midrange LG Optimus One?

      I second that the Huawei U8150 should have been included. You can get them as cheap as $159 if you shop about. Excellent value for money. Great little phone.

    seriously? Android 1.6 devices are not worth buying.
    Dell Streak is HUGE.
    Desire HD has an abysmal battery life.
    T-Tab is a piece of junk says just about every review out there...

    Why no Legend, Galaxy or Desire?

      Legend screen res EWWWW. Apart from that I agree though.

    Garmin Asus A50. $200 prepaid from Optus. It seems to be completely unlocked. Garmin also just started offering an upgrade to android 2.1 on their web site, which I have installed with no problems.And it has a capacitive screen and built in satellite based gps. It is amazing how good this is for $200. For the money it totally rocks. I'd say it should be on the list of budget phones for sure.

      I got all excited when I read this and jumped onto the Optus website. No Garmin Asus A50's mentioned, but they do have the LG Optimus for $199 prepaid.

        Try use the Coupon code High5 before the end of the 29th Nov to get 5% off and free delivery works out to $189.05
        I grabbed one for my old man.

    Imagine that Android under the Chrissy tree. It would be funny seeing the wind pick up and it floating in the harbour great publicity they should have it doing the red bull jump

    What about the Motorola DEFY for toughness, or the Galaxy S with it's gorgeous AMOLED screen?

    And no Garmin-ASUS A50, $199 unlocked!
    It's a far better handset than the LG Optimus!

    Or a Desire Z with slideout keyboard - much better than the Desire HD imho - order it outright from for around $610 incl fedex shipping! (will work on any network except NextG - you want the Bell Canada version if you want to use it on Telstra)

    That linked 'Android Plush Doll' is really dodgy.

    The specs and box photos on that page are from the original collectables created by Dead Zebra

    The close up photo shows the word Android across the front of the figurine which is evidence of a cheap knock off

    Considering this cheap knock off is almost 5 times the price of the original it really shameful that you've linked to it as a recommendation.

    Another vote for the Garmin A50.

    it comes with built in GPS software with yearly map updates as well as a car mount for use as a GPS.
    It's amazing value for less than $200, not to mention it's actually unlocked from day one.


    It's LG 540f, not 650f ;)

    And this phone is already upgradeable to Android 2.1

    yeah!! what about the Desire Z? how does it compare to the milestone 2?

    the lg optimus is crap....

    the lg optimus one, however is a good cheap phone

    I got one of those Optus Garmin Asus A50's from DSE, installed a Telstra SIM card, updated to Android 2.1, downloaded LauncherPro and voila - unlocked, no clunky interface and able to access Android market. It looks damn near as good as my HTC Desire. What a bargain!! Thanks for the heads up.

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