Lifehacker Awards 2010: What Happens Next?

Lifehacker Awards 2010: What Happens Next?

It’s still not too late to submit your thoughts for nominees in our Lifehacker Best Of The Year awards, but the actual voting will begin next Monday. Here’s how the process will work.

For each of our five categories — Best Desktop App, Best Web App, Best Mobile App, Best ISP and Best Mobile Broadband — I’ll whittle down the nominations into a shortlist of five for each category. Each day next week, we’ll put up a voting poll for a different category, which will then be open for one week. (So on Monday we’ll open the poll for desktop, and its results will be announced the following Monday. Tuesday will be web apps, which will be announced the following Tuesday, and so on.)

In the following week (beginning December 6), we’ll announce the winners of each category. In fact, there’ll be two winners per category: the Readers’ Choice, as voted by our readers, and the Lifehacker Editor’s Choice, as picked by me with no pretence to democracy whatsoever. (A nominee can win both, of course, and I’d modestly argue that the reader’s vote is the more prestigious award. Though if I was really modest, I wouldn’t be making my own picks, would I? But we digress.)

Following all those announcements, there’ll be one more voting round for the ‘Best Of The Best’, where all the reader and editor choice winners go into one big poll. That will open on December 13, and close on December 20.

In other words, your voting fingers will get plenty of exercise. In the meantime, make sure your own favourites are on the potential nominee list by sharing your suggestions if you haven’t already.

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