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You wanted real online shopping parity, access to the best iOS 4.2 features and Christmas shopping ideas. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Why Can’t We Get Better Prices On Goods From The US?
    Dear Lifehacker, I’m looking at buying an ASUS U43 Bamboo laptop and found it on an Australian web site on special for $1,549.00. But the very same laptop on Best Buy in the US is $US829.99. Given that we are on parity with the US dollar, are there any valid reasons why Australians are paying double?
  2. How Do Amaysim’s Flagfall-Free Rates Stack Up?
    New SIM-only telephone provider Amaysim offers a no-flagfall, fixed rate mobile service after you purchase its $2 starter pack. How well do its prices measure up against the competition?
  3. How To Use Find My iPhone For Free On iPhone 3GS, Older Devices
    Apple’s device tracking, locking and wiping tool Find My iPhone is available for free with the iOS 4.2. By default it only works on the iPhone 4, fourth generation iPod touch and iPad. Here’s how to get free access from any device.
  4. ClearlyContacts Giving Away 10,000 Pairs Of Glasses On Friday
    Fancy a pair of free glasses through the mail? Online retailer ClearlyContacts is promoting a giveaway where it says it will give away 10,000 pairs of glasses to fans of its Facebook presence on Friday November 26.
  5. How All The Great New Stuff In iOS 4.2 Works
    While iOS 4.2 didn’t bring all it promised (ahem, AirPrint), here’s a look at all the major new features, how they work, and how to enable the ones that don’t.
  6. Ask Lifehacker: Getting Out Of A Phone Contract
    Dear Lifehacker, I’m in a bind. I am after a new phone. I’ve decided on the HTC HD2 but the problem is I’m still on a Vodafone contract. I have 10 months left on it and don’t really want to wait!
  7. Why Lonely Planet Sometimes Gives Away Its Apps
    We’re always grateful when paid-for apps are suddenly made available for nothing, but just what’s in it for the developers? The CEO of Lonely Planet explains why the travel guide developer is happy to run continuous giveaway promotions.
  8. Lifehacker Gift Guide: Christmas Presents For The Disorganised
    Organised types will have finished their Christmas shopping back in September, but most of us need a little more help. The Lifehacker Gift Guide for 2010 kicks off with some perfect gift choices to help the recipients get themselves more organised (including budget-minded options for those of us with rapidly shrinking wallets).
  9. Lifehacker Gift Guide: Seasonal IKEA Hacking
    IKEA hacking is a constant topic of discussion here at Lifehacker. Not all these gift ideas from the Swedish furniture giant require hacking, but they’re all interesting possibilities if you’re prepared to face the crowds and brave your local store. (Don’t go on weekends, we beg you.)
  10. Practise Eye Contact To Generate ‘Reality Distortion Field’ Charisma
    Some people, like Bill Clinton and Steve Jobs, have undeniable charisma that even their most ardent detractors are forced to acknowledge. Master the art of eye contact and personal space management to create “Reality Distortion Field” level charisma.


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