Last Week's Top Ten Posts

You wanted Facebook to look less ugly, better access to TV sports online — and you wanted your cupcakes, dammit. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. When Group Deal Sites Go Bad
    Deal of the day and group deal sites offer the potential for big discounts. But what happens when they can’t meet those promises?
  2. Better Facebook Makes Font Readable, Adds Tons Of Other Tweaks
    If you’re unhappy with Facebook’s new small font size (or other annoyances), user script Better Facebook gives you over 75 extra options with which you can tweak Facebook to your liking.
  3. Why Major Sports Rarely Get Streamed Online
    Dear Lifehacker, I just wondered if you’d investigated how to get the English Premier League on the cheap using the net without having to sign up to an expensive Foxtel package. Be great if you could offer some advice. Thanks, Des
  4. Top 10 Warranty-Voiding Hacks
    You can turn some of your best gear into so much more with a few of the right modifications. The problem is, hacking your gadgetry often means voiding your warranty. Today, forget the shackles of warranty terms and dive right in.
  5. How To Break Into A Mac (And Prevent It From Happening To You)
    We recently went through a few ways to break into a Windows PC without the password, and it turns out it’s just as easy to break into a Mac too. Here’s how to do it and keep yourself protected.
  6. Why Paper Tickets Should Be More Expensive
    A proposal to ditch paper tickets for public transport in favour of only using smart cards has been dumped in Queensland. I don’t think that we should be dumping paper tickets, but I do think we should be charging a lot more for them.
  7. Create A Highly Organised, Synchronised Home Folder With Dropbox
    When you love Dropbox like we do, you start syncing more and more stuff. The more stuff you sync, the harder it is to organise. Here’s a simple way to sort quickly and stay organised across multiple computers.
  8. Customise Your Desktop This Weekend
    If you use a computer and read Lifehacker, it’s probably safe to assume you’ve customised your desktop. But if you haven’t, or you’re looking for a fresh new look, here are some great options to explore this weekend.
  9. If Someone Phones And Offers A PC Fix, Hang Up
    Security software helps protect your computer against an ever-growing range of security threats and Internet nasties. But not all threats come via email or on the web: PC security scams can start with a phone call.
  10. Free iPhone City Guides For Sydney And Melbourne
    It’s a good week for free Australian city guides if you’re an iPhone owner. Time Out has rolled out a free entertainment guide for Sydneysiders, while Lonely Planet is offering its Melbourne roundup for free


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