Keep Legs Apart To Prevent Laptop Heat From Hurting Fertility

The heat from a laptop, placed directly on the lap, can hurt a man's fertility. Sitting in a kind of lotus position, keeping your legs crossed, or otherwise keeping your laptop away from a closed lap is a notable improvement in keeping sperm at a safer temperature, according to State University of New York at Stony Brook researchers.

Just as interesting were the findings that, in a study of 29 men, using "laptop shields" seemed to have negligible impact on the heat levels measured on men's genitalia. Just something to, you know, keep in mind.

[Wired Science; image via Adam Tinworth.]


    "Sitting in a kind of lotus position"

    Probably not the best advice to be offering people, as quite a few laptops have their CPU exhaust fan ports on the side of the laptop. Which would be covered if the user uses a lotus position.
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