iTunes 10.1 Adds AirPlay, iOS 4.2 Support, Ping Removal

We've already shown you how to hide the Ping drop-down in iTunes, but for many folks that wasn't enough — they wanted all evidence of Ping removed from iTunes' interface (and who can blame them?).

Lucky for us, Apple just pushed out an iTunes update that adds Apple TV AirPlay, support for the as-yet-released iOS 4.2 and other stability improvements — as well as a new checkbox (under "General" in Preferences) that allows you to disable Ping (hallelujah). Hit up Apple Software Update to grab the the new version.

[via The Apple Blog]


    What can I do with AirPlay? I don't get it. I can already stream my iTunes to different Apple TV's and to my Airport Express. What does AirPlay offer and how? I can stream content from my iPad to my Apple TV?

    I need the new iOS for iPad right? Can I use the old Apple TV?

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