iPhone Alarm Bug Might Finally Get Fixed This Weekend

Ever since Australia's daylight savings switch, many Aussie iPhone owners have had to put up with non-functioning recurring alarms because of sloppy coding by Apple. Now that daylight savings changes are also messing up Apple's US customer base, it seems a fix might finally be on the way.

A recent support document posted on Apple's site acknowledges the issue, and offers the standard advice of not using recurring alarms — which is, if we're being brutal, not much help at all. But it also includes this comment:

After November 7th, 2010, you can set your alarms to repeat again.

That might mean that Apple is finally going to release a patch that fixes this minor but irritating issue. On the other hand, this weekend is also when daylight savings stops in most US states, so it might mean that the problem was always going to go away once the US changed time zones.

Back when the problem first arose, Apple told Lifehacker that a proper fix would be made available, but would not commit to any sort of time frame. Guess we'll see soon enough whether this weekend sees the issue get resolved. Thanks Beau!



    Oh, so if it affects anyone else it doesn't matter, but as soon as it affects people in the US it does?

    Great. Kinda like how MMS was delayed so long, and how FaceTime is only WiFi, because AT&T can't handle it, even though Australian telcos have been able to for a loooong time.

    Thanks Apple.

      why would they care ? sloppy coding - typical apple. The company is large enough to have a team for SE Asia but alas - this is Apple and it would cost$. This is the reason they they moved away from real computing.

      You are only just starting to realise this?

      Are you a cult of mac follower? (By this I mean a Mac owner)

      You can hate on Microsoft all you want, they fuck things up, they make mistakes and sometimes are plain old stupid, but at least they try :\

    Odd, they just work as intended now, no update ... Nothing!

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