IKEA Eat Your Discount Week Begins Today

If you have a craving for a little IKEA hacking, this might be a good week to pick up supplies: from now until Sunday, IKEA will deduct the price of any food you buy at its in-store restaurant from your final bill. Meatballs, anyone? [IKEA]


    What's the catch? Maximum $20 or something?

    *buys $1000 of Ikea food* ;)

    This is East Cost only IKEAs. WA/SA IKEA stores are owned by a separate franchise.

    "This offer is valid at IKEA stores in NSW, Victoria and Queensland."
    So SA and WA miss out on the eating binge

    So if I eat lots of meatballs will I make a profit?

    I'm in Richmond, just down the road from ikea, and have the day off, anyone wanna meet up for a meatball feast? My Shout!!

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