Hotdesking Can Help Break Your Messy Office Habits

Hotdesking Can Help Break Your Messy Office Habits

In many workplaces, there’s no such thing as a fixed desk: you just grab what’s available if you happen to be on the premises. That “hotdesking” approach saves money for the business, but it can also help you develop better clutter-busting habits.

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The ABC’s online political commentator Annabel Crabb raised this issue in the AN Smith Lecture on journalism which she gave last week. The main focus of the speech is on how the Internet is changing the nature of publishing, and it’s an excellent (if lengthy) read. As a sidenote in the piece, Crabb describes how the lack of a permanent location has changed her work practices:

I don’t even have a desk at the ABC; I just have an iPad with its little keyboard, and I set up wherever I happen to be working. I used to have a midden of a desk when I worked in newspapers; I find the abolition of the desk has really helped with the mess, though I must admit my home office is still a bit of a tip.

The challenge with a home office is that nobody ever gets to see it apart from you; using a temporary desk in an office means you have to leave it in an acceptable state for whoever uses it next. Had your own cleaning epiphany in a shared workspace? Tell us about it in the comments. For some strategies to clear your workspace, start with our workplace clean-up guide.

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