Hide Google Instant Previews With An AdBlock Filter

We've looked at Google's new Instant Preview feature (and showed you how to access it with the keyboard), but if you don't like the previews popping up all the time, you can ensure they stay hidden with these AdBlock filters.

Google's Instant Previews are cool in theory, but I found that their constant popping up just gets in the way of me reading my search results. Thankfully, reader kettlewhistle tipped us off on how to disable it. Just open up your favourite AdBlocker's preferences, and add the following filters:

google.com##.vspi google.com##.vspib google.com###vspb

Voilà! After applying these filters, the magnifying glass, blue box and preview window should go away completely. As several commenters point out, you need to copy the same filters for google.com.au as well to ensure full coverage.


    I only get the pop-ups if I actually click a result (anywhere but the title or link).

    And, those filters don't work in AdBlock Plus v1.3.1 with FF 3.6.10, Ubuntu 10.04. I went Preferences >> Add Filter >> Copy+Pasted first line, hit enter, and repeated for other two. Did a search, and nothing had changed.

    you add them three as separate filters not as a single filter, also replace .xx with your the country if you aren't using the American/international site eg. google.com.xx##.vspi

    I made a userstyle which disables google preview:

    You just need the Stylish extension for Firefox or Chrome

      this works just fine

      wow... it worked and I learned something new :) thanks very much Nuck

    If you use google.com.au you also need to add.


      ty for the hint to add (in my case) .ca to the filter. It worked (kinda).

      With AdBlock either enabled or disabled on the search results page, it didn't remove the magnifying glass icon, but at least I now have to click on it to get the annoying preview, rather than it rudely popping up in my face all over the page.

      Unfortunately if I click on ONE mag. glass all the other previews pop up as I scroll down the page.....ARGH I hate this thing. I'm still looking for a permanent fix.

      thanks for all the suggestions on this page.

    Thank you! I didn't think they could come up with something more annoying than the instant search. I was wrong.

    Also, the userstyle I made works on any google domain (www.google.*)

    any way to disable "Google Instant" all together also (so it always remains OFF)? please share.. btw, this tip was awesome, worked like a charm! :)

    Doesn't work fully — the magnifying glass disappears, but the preview window still pops up. Obviously Google doesn't *want* users any more.

    Or you can just open the site to the right! fly through results instead! Sweet search keeps your google results on the left and loads them on the right. http://bit.ly/searchkrack

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