Half-Dry Towels In The Drier For Fluffier Results

Towels dried in the dryer are fluffy but waste electricity. Towels dried on the line are green but often come out scratchy. Avoid those problems by using a mixture of both approaches.

Picture by Frenkieb

Design magazine Inside Out offered up this compromise concept in its most recent print edition:

To keep your towels soft and fluffy, take them off the line before they are totally dry and finish them in the dryer.

Admittedly this is not a useful hint if you fall into the quite large group of Lifehacker readers who resist using a clothes dryer. But if you do, this might be worth testing out (and you should, of course, tell us how it goes for you in the comments).


    Yeah, especially in winter, it's hard to get that final bit of moisture out of the towels on the line, but it only takes a few minutes in the dryer to finish them off. If you happen to have the dryer in your bathroom, you can do it in the morning and warm the room up before your shower, as a bonus.

    Get used to scratchy towels, man up and stop being a wuss. Help save the planet by not using a dryer.

      Well it only takes a few minutes in the dryer to soften the towels. The way our coal powered generators work, they have to keep them turning over through the night anyway, so if you do it between say 10pm and 7am, you won't be contributing much to greenhouse emissions - probably less than using your computer to browse Lifehacker during peak periods. Certainly less than eating a steak. Man up and become a vegetarian, I say!

    Hard scratchy towels + jock itch = no one touches my towel.

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