Guilt Trip Yourself Into Getting Things Done With Dry Erase Markers

We've talked about using dry-erase markers to create hard-to-ignore to-do lists, but reader usobe0 takes it to a new level, writing his to-dos on his main source of procrastination: his TV.

Photo by upsidedownsphere.

It probably isn't a good idea to write on your new fancy flat screen, but if you're still using an old glass-screen CRT, usobe0 calls it the perfect dry-erase surface::

Some people scoff that I still have a big CRT television, but it's one of the best resources I have to get things done. When I need to remember something or do something, I pull out a dry erase marker and write on the screen, because it's glass it works just like a board. The TV is centrally located so I see it all the time and it gives me a pretty good guilt trip when I try to procrastinate.

Sure, it's probably not a reason to throw out your giant living room LCD or plasma for an old CRT, but you could easily replace your small home office TV with a CRT and this would still work well. You can also apply it to anything you use to procrastinate, as long as it's made out of glass — whether it be writing on your Mac's trackpad to dissuade you from game-playing or your reading glasses to dissuade you from kicking back with a Sudoku when you should be working. Got any of your own guilt-tripping tactics to keep you from slacking off? Share them with us in the comments.


    Great idea, and if you do have a flatscreen whats stopping you from using sticky notes?

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