Grab Up To 768MB Free Dropbox Space Through Social Media Connections

Need a little more space in your free Dropbox file syncing account? Already run through the "Getting Started" guide and all your friends? If you hook Dropbox up to Twitter and Facebook, you can snag up to 768 MB more storage.

You don't even have to actually post anything about Dropbox to your Twitter or Facebook accounts to activate the majority of the 128 MB upgrades listed at Dropbox's quietly available "Free" page. Most of the tweaks involve simply registering Dropbox through Facebook and Twitter for future posts you might want to make about your shared files, following Dropbox on Twitter, and telling the Dropbox team how their product is useful. If you do want to shout out about Dropbox on your accounts, you get all 768 MB free.

Get extra space free! [Dropbox]


    Insane, Thank you! I was on 98.1% and now I'm 55% full. I really appreciate the heads up, and I've asked Santa to bring me 100Gb for Christmas - I've been good!

    Yep, great call... Thanks for that!

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