Google Starts Paying Australian Android Developers

Google Starts Paying Australian Android Developers

Earlier this month we told you how Google hadn’t yet set up a mechanism to pay Australian Android developers even though payments can be made in Australian currency. Fortunately, Google seems to have finally gotten its act together.

Picture by GoogleMobile

Reader Brian Hislop, who alerted us to the original issue, contacted us to say Google is now adding local bank details to developer accounts:

I logged in to my Google checkout account today and was prompted to enter my bank account details. I still need to go through the bank account verification process (similar to PayPal), where they make a tiny deposit in your account and you need to verify it, but it’s looking like Google has resolved the issue and Aussie developers can get paid!

A welcome improvement, though the clear lesson for Google is to have these kinds of features in place before it rolls out new developer options in the future. Thanks again Brian!

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