Google Maps Adds Report A Problem Button

Google Maps is a fantastically handy service, but its data isn't infallible and it often places businesses and other landmarks well away from their real location. A new problem report button lets users point out those kinds of issues to Google and help improve its data.

While I invariably use Google Maps when I'm planning travel, I've learnt to be suspicious of its placement of buildings, especially outside major Australian cities. It always pays to double-check by using Street View, which as often as not reveals that the claimed location of a motel is actually an entirely empty block. Having the ability to report that in a single click is a useful option. Google also says it has improved the quality and detail of its Australian maps overall.

Error fixing won't necessarily be a high-speed process — Google says it hopes to resolve each edit within a couple of months. Here's a video walkthrough of how the problem reporting option works:

Your new map of Australia [Google Australia Blog]


    It would appear that Google has also changed suppliers for their data.

    The copyright statements on the botton right of the map now mention Whereis and Sensis, not Map data sciences....interesting

    Doesn't work with Opera 10.63 :(
    How do we report that problem?

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