Go Nearly Flash-Free On A Mac With Safari And Chrome

On some Macs, Flash isn't just a necessary plug-in that's occasionally crash-y. It can be a lap-heating, fan-speeding, battery-draining headache that sticks around longer than you'd like. Chronicler of all things Mac John Gruber provides a guide to going almost entirely Flash-free, with a few cheats here and there.

In short, Gruber suggests removing Flash components from the plug-in library, installing the (previously mentioned) YouTube5 Safari extension for YouTube and its embedded videos, and then, when Flash is the only way through, loading up an instance of Chrome and shutting it down right after, so Flash doesn't "stick around". Read his post for the full walkthrough and justification of the effort.

[Daring Fireball]


    Kind of Ironic considering that the main page had 4 flash advertisements, then the actual article had 3 flash ads :)

    Are the lifehacker ads HTML5 compatible? ;)

    God, seriously, get over it.

    In other news, USING your laptop drains battery. Better turn it off!

    For goodness sake.

    I just installed Click To Flash extension in Safari on my Macs. Doesn't load any Flash until you request it to. Getting rid of Flash entirely, or using Chrome just for Flash websites seems a bit like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

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