Give Instapaper A Handy Keyboard Shortcut

Lifehacker favourite Instapaper is a great way to keep track of stuff you find online and want to read later. Reader Chris Jones made it even more convenient with a simple AutoHotkey script to add a useful keyboard shortcut.

Chris writes:

If you like Instapaper, but don't want to have the bookmark bar in your browser cluttering the screen, here's a little AutoHotKey script which uses the Windows-P key combination to send the current page to Instapaper. Here's what to do:

Install Instapaper by dragging the Instapaper bookmarklet onto the bookmarks bar.

Go to the browser's bookmark manager and copy the Javascript code from the Instapaper bookmarklet.

Create an Autohotkey script and paste the Javascript where indicated:

#p:: {send !d send {Raw} paste javascript here send {Enter} } return

Thanks Chris!


    I should have commented that this technique can be used to replace ANY bookmarklet with a hotkey, as far as I can tell.

      Windows-P is a hotkey combination for projectors and dual screen setup in Windows 7. Might want to choose something else.

    There are even better ways to use Instapaper in more ways. Ie browser addons.
    Safari addon supports key shortcuts, Instapaper Firefox addon saves pages on right click.
    Anyway, nice article.

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