From The Tips Box: iOS Calendars, Slow Connections, Yahoo Benefits

Readers offer their best tips for getting the holidays back on the iOS calendar, loading sites on slow connections, and getting Yahoo Plus features for free.

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Add Holidays Back to Your iOS Device's Calendar with Google Calendar

njefferson lets us know we can use Google Calendar's public calendars to get holidays back on your iOS device after switching to CalDAV:

For those upset about losing the US Holidays subscribed calendar when they went to CalDAV for iPad, you can get it back extremely easily.

Go to the mail/calendar settings page, hit Add Account > Other > Subscribed Calendar and use this:

You can't set the colour, but you get the calendar back. I adjusted my other colours to match it since it set itself as red.

Use Mobile Sites on Slow Connections

Defunctfrenzy shares an easy way to load pages when your internet isn't cooperating:

So if you're like me, you're not allowed your phone on during work. (Actually, if you're like me, you refuse to pay an extra £7.50 per month for internet on your phone!)

Anyway, so you're on your lunch you want to check your webmail/BBCnews/Facebook or whatever but those darn cretins in customer services are taking up all the bandwidth watching cat videos on youtube. What do you do? Use the mobile alternative site. Examples include,,, and

Ah, that's better! Quick easy access to the things you want with a fraction of the load times!

Get Free Yahoomail Plus Features with the UK Version of YahooMail

Defunctfrenzy shows us how to get free Yahoomail Plus features:

Sign up to (or webmail for Free Yahoomail Plus features

A while ago I posted a tip about disposable emails being an over looked function of Yahoomail. It appeared that was only a function of Yahoomail Plus and for some reason my account was upgraded for free. However, it appears users get a free upgrade!

Compare the features of the UK service to the US version. The reason the UK's version has fewer features is because those features are already included in the regular Yahoomail!

Simply open a (or to effectively get a free upgrade to yahoomail plus (except for ads) and gain access to 500 disposable email addresses linking to your Yahoo account.

Use Binder Clips as Easy Keychain Attachments

Photo by smartel.

Metalmarious shares his favourite use for binder clips:

I always have a tiny binder clip in my keyring(thanks to a previous tip) and I use it to easily attach/detach my second set of keys.


    I've been trying to access the Australian mobile lifehacker site for a while now. Sometimes when Vodafone's 3G connection is stuffing up once again, it redirects me to the normal desktop version, which is annoying and takes ages. I thought if I just bookmarked the mobile version that would solve my problem, but no luck. Every attempt to put an m. in front of it got me nowhere. Does anyone know what the deal is with that? Is there an official mobile version, along the lines of

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