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Readers offer their best tips for fast forwarding videos in QuickTime, easy smartphone docks for your desk and car, and clever uses for hair clips.

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See Who's Blocking You on Facebook Chat

Keefka shows us how to tell if someone's showing themselves as "offline" to you specifically:

If you want to find out who has blocked you on Facebook chat, get your iPhone ready.

Get on Facebook on your PC and open up the chat window and see whose online. Compare it with the same list on the iPhone app version of Facebook—you may see more names appear on your phone.

Seems the iPhone version doesn't recognise groups and will let you see who has shunned you... enjoy.

Quickly Kill Tasks in Windows with a Batch Script

12liveby shares a batch script that quickly kills the Windows process of your choice:

Recently it seems Windows Task Manager has become more reluctant to kill tasks through the task manager, and I've had to resort to the command line taskkill /f (or tskill /f) to accomplish the task of killing a task. Since this has been happening more often, I decided to create a quick batch file to automate the process:

set /p PID= Enter the Process ID to kill: taskkill /f /PID %PID%

I've pinned a shortcut to this in my Start menu for quick access. Now I don't even bother trying to kill in Task Manager. I just run the script.

The script requires you to know the Process ID of the program you want to kill. You can find this in the Task Manager, but that kind of defeats the purpose — this Rainmeter script puts all running PIDs right on your desktop, though, and is a great companion to this task-killing method.

Watch Megavideo in Full Screen with Dual Monitors

Dmpinder0 shows us a URL hack for a more friendly full-screen Megavideo:

A great easy way to get Megavideo to full screen and still work with your second monitor WITHOUT installing any software or hacking Firefox. Simply click on the Embed button on the Megavideo video, find the full URL of the video inside the code, and paste it into your address bar, which will make it appear the entire width of the browser window. Simply F11 to fullscreen your window and voila, fullscreen Megavideo and you can still click off and work in your second monitor.

Use Kik to See Who Still Has You in Their Address Book

Brian shares an interesting aspect of new messaging application, Kik:

When you download Kik messanger it asks you for your phone number. If you enter your phone number (optional), when anyone else installs the app it searches their contacts for your phone number and sends you a message saying they have joined, providing it finds your number.

Now, Apple ToS issues aside, a neat hack that I've realised with this is its a great way to find out if anyone has your phone number in their cell phone contacts. I've gotten the automated message from Kik for people I haven't spoke to in a looong time, including some ex's that I thought would have deleted me from their phone!

Obviously, this tip only works if your friends (or former friends) start using Kik, but I hear it's become quite popular despite complaints of battery drain and other such problems.


    Ummmm... If the PID changes every time, how is finding the PID every time more efficent or quicker then going into taskmgr and just ending the process?

      With regards to the task-killing application, it may be simpler to use the /IM switch if you know the name of the process but not the PID.
      (For example, "taskkill /F /IM notepad.exe".)

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