From The Tips Box: Chrome Location, iOS App Updates

Readers offer their best tips for moving Chrome to Program Files instead of AppData, updating apps on iOS, and remote printing on a shared printer with Dropbox.

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Install Chrome to Program Files on Windows

Kellanpan lets us know us how to install Chrome to the Program Files folder:

If you install Chrome normally, it's not located in Program files. If this bothers you, inconveniences you, or makes you feel violated, install Chrome from Google's Download Pack.

Pause iOS App Updates to Update Important Apps First

Sandiegoguy shows us how to queue iOS app updates in a specific order:

When installing an app on the iPhone, you can pause the app download by simply tapping the app's icon.

This is helpful if you're updating multiple apps and want to download a different app first. This is great to use when downloading a large app (one that requires Wi-Fi) and you're leaving the Wi-Fi area - simply pause the download and pick it back up again when you have a Wi-Fi connection again.

Simply hit the icon again to add it back to the download queue.

Allow Remote Printing on a Shared Computer with Dropbox

Photo by Bob Bobster.

Rookcnu shares his addition to our previously published Dropbox printing tips:

We have one printer in the house. My wife wants to print to the printer hooked up to my machine. When I am not home, this is a problem since I won't give her the password to log into my machine. :)

Solution - I set up printing with my Dropbox account using the VBS script featured on Lifehacker.

Then I created a Dropbox account for my wife on her machine.

In my Dropbox account - I shared the "PrintQueue" folder with her Dropbox account.

Now anything she sends to that shared folder prints on the printer hooked to my machine. I don't have to be home or logged into the machine for her to do this. Now we both can print through this folder on my machine, wireless throughout the house and from our Android phones.

Quit Apps Quickly from OS X's Command+Tab Interface

HahSohrob shares a Mac tip for quick app quitting:

If you've left a ton of apps open that you'd like to quit and you don't want to click on each one and then do press cmd+Q (or however you prefer quitting apps), just swipe four fingers to the left or right on your trackpad (or hit Command+Tab), mouse over the apps you'd like to quit, and press only "Q" on your keyboard.

You can also type "H" to hide it.


    When I am not home, this is a problem since I won’t give her the password to log into my machine. :)

    I cant stop laughing!!!

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