Four Corners Documents Dodgy Phone Sale Scams

Four Corners Documents Dodgy Phone Sale Scams

You might think the worst thing that can happen if you sign up to change telephone companies with a door-to-door caller or a persuasive telephone salesperson is less-than-ideal rates. The ABC’s Four Corners last night documented how thousands of Australian small businesses got scammed by telephone bundle deals which promised free TVs and other equipment as well as cheaper calls, but left them liable for large bills after the phone providers went broke.

You can check out the full episode below, or read a transcript here. The big lesson? Any deal that promises loads of free equipment and requires you to sign multiple contracts should be treated with extreme, extreme caution.

Four Corners: Bad Call


  • Bigpond rang me up one their telemarketing calls about 7 years ago, and I think it was the best move that I done – considering to using dialup.

    Although I never shopped around for a better deal when I signed up, where I lived, there wasn’t much other choice apart from Bigpond anyway.

    Even though that was a one off, if I need a product or service, I only go out looking for it, I dont wait for people to offer it to me now.

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