Float Your Desk To Create The Illusion Of Space In A Small Office

You want a workspace that is big enough to spread out on but you don't want your small office to be overtaken by a monolithic desk. Mount your work surface to the wall for a lightweight and "floating" desk.

Unpluggd reader Deborah has a small apartment and a home office that serves double duty as a bedroom. She didn't want to block the great view and the natural light coming in from the bedroom windows with a huge desk but she did want a nice long workspace with plenty of room to spread out. By mounting a sturdy floating shelf as a work surface she created a spacious area with room for a television, office supplies, laptop, and writing area. Click on the images here for a closer look or visit the link below for more information.

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A Multi-Function Floating Desk for Tight Spaces [Unplggd]


    I am looking for floating desk brackets to use with stone on a wood backer. would like the type that imbeds into wall and has flat supports. Know where I can buy them?

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