Enjoy Good Wine On A Tight Budget

Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you can't enjoy a good bottle of wine. Stock up your wine cellar on the cheap with these frugal wine buying tips.

Photo by Joe Shlabotnik.

Financial blog Get Rich Slowly shares a handy guide to loading up your wine cellar without completely unloading your wallet in the process. Among the tips they share:

Order by the case. When you find a wine you like, stock up. Ask your local wine store or supermarket if you can order a case of the stuff - and ask if that'll earn you a discount. My friend Paul, for example, recently found a tasty pinot noir. At $US24 per bottle, it wasn't something he could afford, though. When the local Fred Meyer put the wine on sale for $10 a bottle, he bought a case. By doing so, he got an extra dollar off the sale price, saving him a total of $US15 per bottle!

Check out the full article at the link below, while buying by the case is a great money saving tip all of their money saving tips work together in tandem to net you the best deal on your favourite wines.

Wine on a Budget: How to Get Good Deals on Wine [Get Rich Slowly]


    Would be handy if this applied to us Aussies :( But personally I wouldn't know a good cheap drop, would have to try them all

      Yeah, trying them all is always a good option. :) Otherwise there are some great discount wine specialists in Aus. I get mine from Prospect Wines in Vic (or online) and haven't had a bad one yet.

        I'd recommend 'cleanskin cellars' if you're in perth. The store is dedicated to fairly tasty but damn cheap wines, and you can take advantage of both underpriced wine and the storemans expertise at the same time.

        It's pretty much an overstock outlet for wine only. plenty of well known wineries selling off stock under no-brand labels, plenty of smaller wineries that don't have the producing power to get into big liquor chains.

    ..and don't forget Dan Murphy's has the cheapest and fairly good variety. Their Fine Wine staff are generally quite knowledgeable.

    Here's a very easy tip that they missed: go wine tasting at the stores. Dan Murphy's, Vintage Cellars regularly have wine tastings. Find a wine you like in the range, take note of its region, and find a cheaper bottle on the shelf from the same region (ie that match the label as closely as possible).

    While it won't be a match (of course), you've got a higher chance of liking it that saying "I like shiraz, any shiraz will do".

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