Enable iOS AirPrint Support For Windows

Windows: We've covered a few different ways to enable Apple's wireless printing service, AirPrint, between iOS and OS X devices—manually, auto-hacking, and in fairly safe fashion. If it's a Windows machine hooked up to your printer, this is your method.

Originally covered in a MacRumors forum post and given the how-to treatment at the Javox blog, this tweak is pretty much a simple package installation, a single command line entry, and one click on a Firewall allowance button. The how-to doesn't imply it, but having iTunes installed might solve any problems one runs into in regards to Bonjour sharing compatibility.

Now that all the (unofficial) AirPrint bases seem covered, have you found printing from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to be convenient? Any kinks you've worked out in the AirPrint system? Tell us your take in the comments.

How to Install AirPrint to Enable Wireless Printing on Windows [Jaxov]


    There's actually a massive bonus to this: it allows you to use a printer from Mac OS that doesn't have Mac drivers, by accessing it via a Windows box.

    A lot of perfectly good printers don't have Mac drivers. This has made it impossible (apart from some workarounds that created their own problems) to print to them from a Mac machine, even when the printer had drivers on the Windows machine that was sharing it.

    Activating AirPrint with the above procedure actually ends up sharing the printers via Bonjour, which Mac OS (not just iOS) can then print to natively without specific drivers.

    This little side effect of AirPrint has solved some really annoying hassles in my office - until now, Mac users were having to remote desktop to our server and open a PDF from their machine to print to certain printers.

    This is fantastic... Finally able to print via bonjour on Mac OS X as well!
    Such a simple but beautiful hack...

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