Eat Safe Identifies Risky Restaurants Near You

Android: When picking a restaurant, it's good to know that it hasn't been busted for food safety violations. Eat Safe identifies restaurants that have been the subject of food safety investigations in the past.

Picture from AppBrain

Lists of food safety violations are already available online, but the useful feature of Eat Safe is that it shows on a map nearby restaurants (based on your current location) that have been the subject of formal warnings. If you're wandering in an unfamiliar area seeking a place to eat, that provides an easy alert system. You can also search existing listings and see exactly what offences were involved (I'd be more worried about food stored on the cool room floor than failing to provide paper towels at every sink, for instance).

Right now, the application is NSW only, though further updates are promised (our own previous research shows NSW already offers the most comprehensive online listings). While I experienced a couple of minor glitches, it's a solid idea that will hopefully expand in future versions.

Eat Safe is a free app for Android. Search for it on the Android market, or download it with the QR code here.


    Won't work in VIC (unfortunately). VIC only have a public list of convicted shop owners, so that is 3 names so far for the financial year.

    However in NSW they list all shops who receive on the spot fines as well as convictions. so that makes sense, they have 1500ish on the list...

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