Drink Water Before A Meal To Reduce Hunger (Seriously)

Drink Water Before A Meal To Reduce Hunger (Seriously)

Sure, it sounds like the flimsiest of fad diet ideas, but a few studies have shown that taking your time with some water before eating any meal can stave off overeating — especially if you’re over 35.

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The New York Times cites a few different studies that looked into water consumption and weight or calorie control. In one study, a group of 55-and-older people, placed on restricted calorie diets as a weight loss intervention, fared notably better at losing weight than a group that didn’t drink two cups of water before meals. Two other studies held that finding generally true, but often with the caveat that preemptive water seemed more effective among older test subjects.

It might seem like most restaurant experiences would put the lie to the water-before-food hunger reduction — but, then again, this editor’s too young to fall in the middle of the most improved subjects. File this one, then, under a good idea that can’t really hurt.

Does Drinking Water Before Meals Aid Weight Loss? [NYTimes.com]


  • I was in a diner in NY back in 1998, on the menu it informed the patrons to drink water to and eat the complementary salad to avoid over-eating. Maybe the NY times ate at the same diner 😉

  • I thought EVERYONE knew that dehydration manifests as hunger, therefore you may feel hungry but really your body requires water.

    Further to that the stomach more efficently digests food which has been blended into a liquid then solids.

    So if you drink water during or before ingesting your food it will sit quite happily in your stomach making you feel full!

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