Don’t Go Hunting For Oprah Tickets On eBay

Last night, the Oprah Winfrey show conducted its lottery for two shows being filmed at the Sydney Opera House on December 14. If you missed out (as most people did), don't go hunting for tickets on eBay: the site is using the broadcast as the first chance to enforce its recently-announced free tickets policy, which bans resale of tickets that were free in the first place.

Per that policy, eBay has placed a notice on its site indicating that any attempts to sell Winfrey show tickets will be blocked. I don't doubt some kind of black market for these tickets will emerge; as a friend of mine commented, "where there's obsession, there's a way".

But it's not likely to be in as visible a location as eBay, and given that the physical tickets will only be issued two days before the recording, the window of opportunity will be slight.


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