DesksNear.Me Tracks Vacant Desks For Freelancers

DesksNear.Me Tracks Vacant Desks For Freelancers

Mostly work from home but need a desk in the city sometimes, or just a break from solitude? DesksNear.Me lets companies which have spare desks in their offices list them online, helping match up spare space with mobile workers.

Originally built for the annual RailsRumble competition, DesksNear.Me lets you search by location to find vacant desks in your area, or in a city you'll be visiting, and lists how many desk spaces are available on a given date. Most of the current listings are free, but some sites have a daily charge to cover power, Internet access and the like. If you're finding that working from home doesn't do it for you, this could be a useful way to find a new or occasional office location without spending a fortune.

DesksNear.Me is free to use, requires registration.



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