Nutrition Professor Loses Weight On Junk Food

If you want to lose weight you'll see results faster if you eschew fancy and complicated dietary rules and focus on reducing the number of calories you take in — though we might suggest not measuring them out in Twinkies.

Invariably anytime weight loss is the topic of conversation somebody chimes in with the time-honoured advice of "eat less" and others counter with explanations of how it's vastly more complicated than that. While optimal nutrition intake and overall wellbeing are more complicated than simply cutting calories, Mark Haub, a nutrition professor at Kansas State University, makes a compelling case for the power of calorie cutting. To prove his point, that the most important element of weight loss was raw calories cutting, he went on an odd-ball diet of primarily junk food mixed with a daily protein shake and a multi-vitamin. In 10 weeks he lost 12kg by shifting his daily caloric intake from 2600 calories per day to 1800 or under.

The most puzzling part of the experiment, one for which he has no concrete answer at the moment, is that he didn't just lose weight — he also increased the "good" forms of cholesterol in his blood and decreased the "bad" forms despite eating box after box of Twinkies and other junk food. Regardless of the anomalies of his research the evidence stacks strongly in favour of calorie reduction as the gold standard of dieting.

Twinkie Diet Helps Nutrition Professor Lose 27 Pounds [CNN]


    Try reading the Heart Scan Blog and other similar sources. I moved to France 4 months ago, and live with friends who have adopted an "eat only what their grandparents would have eaten in New Zealand" policy. So my breakfast of healthy multigrain cereals and soy milk yada yada yada has gone out the window for a diet of eggs, bacon, foie gras, everything other meal cooked in duck fat, very little wheat-based material. Not only have I lost 8kg (and counting) but I don't have appetite surges and blood-sugar peaks and troughs through the day.

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