Create A Password-Protected Folder In Windows 7 Sans Software

Create A Password-Protected Folder In Windows 7 Sans Software

Windows: If you’re looking to stash some files away from other users casually browsing your computer but don’t need to go full bore with the encryption, you can create a password protected folder with a basic batch script.

Computer blog Simple Help shares a basic batch script that will hide and password protect a folder. The batch file doesn’t double encrypt your files in a nested Truecrypt volume or anything fancy, it simply makes a shortcut with basic password protection that takes a folder and flags it as a hidden and system file. Your folder vanishes from the eyes of a normal Windows user but would certainly be revealed by a determined user looking for your hidden stash.

It’s a clever way to quickly hide a folder from sight without messing around with system menus and when you don’t need to necessarily encrypt it from the eyes of the NSA, just from the curiosity of casual browsers on your computer. Check out the full post for the batch script and usage tips.

How-To Create a Password Protected Folder in Windows 7 [Simple Help]


  • Perhaps you should mention that Lifehacker is NOT responsible for any CEOs that use this to “password protect” 9 years of customer credit card details? ‘cus I know there’s gonna be at least one 😛

  • Fist of all finding a control panel link in a folder with a locker.bat file would seam to be obvious to anyone that something is up here.

    Also how do you hide the “locker.bat” file with the password stored in it?

    I wonder if windows search will still find the files.

    I think that the kind of person who this would work on is the kind of person you can take their files from “My Documents” and put them anywhere else and they will not find them again.

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