Corrupt-Net Shows You Which Torrent Trackers Get New Releases First

Though most private BitTorrent trackers would like to pretend they are secret and elite, search engine Corrupt-Net makes it very easy to find out which ones are the quickest to get new torrent releases.

Corrupt-Net's Pre search is a simple search engine that will search multiple BitTorrent trackers for a torrent, and show you in which order each tracker got hold of a given torrent. When you first search for a torrent, you'll likely get a long list of search results, some of which will have a green "Raced" link next to them (see above for an example). Clicking on it will give you a small table, showing you how long it took a given BitTorrent site to add that torrent to their index:

A quick Google search will reveal the name of the torrent site corresponding to a given acronym (e.g. "TL" in the above image obviously stands for TorrentLeech), and repeated searches on Corrupt-Net should reveal which trackers are the quickest to release the types of torrents you tend to download. Hit the link to check out the engine. I'd also highly recommend reading the linked TorrentFreak article, which provides some interesting details on the site, how it works, and the culture behind the race for BitTorrent trackers to post new releases.

Corrupt-Net Pre Search [via TorrentFreak]


    wtf is this??

    The only good this thing does is it gives you the file names to search for. No better than pre db sites.
    I could not find 1 single torrent with this only links to the files hosted on file share servers. and even that was only about 5% of what i searched for.

    This sux.

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