Cook A Butterfly Chicken On A Sandwich Press

Single-use appliances are a waste of space. Make your sandwich press a more useful kitchen citizen by using it for other tasks — such as cooking a whole chicken.

Lifehacker reader (and tech writer extraordinaire) Simon Sharwood wrote in with his technique for cooking a butterfly chicken on a sandwich press:

A year or two back there was a micro-meme for making scrambled eggs with your coffee machine. Fire up the steam wand, beat the eggs and ... voila!

Anyway, this stayed in my mind and one day when I had a butterfly chicken lurking around the house I said to myself "That's about the same size as my sandwich press. Could this be a good cooking hack?"

Could it what. A 1kg butterfly chook is exactly the same size as my Breville press, which is a two-sandwiches-at-once size. Cooking it on the press is super-easy. It's Teflon-coated, so all you do is put the chicken on, close the lid, and turn once or twice. It takes about half an hour, then you wipe the sandwich press clean — it's Teflon! I put the press on a baking tray on the cooktop, that way any spatter ends up in the ez-wipe environment of enamel.

Marinade ends up as a nice crust. And the chicken gets pressed, so there's a nice tender-but-firm quality to it you don't get on a barbeque. Supermarkets and butchers sell butterfly chickens fresh for about a tenner.

You could also use the same technique with any deboned piece of meat. Thanks Simon!


    once you have worked in fast food, these sandwich presses are just smaller versions of the grills you use at say McDonald.

    i use mine to cook almost anything

    Already been doing this for ages. Even better with a george foreman grill. I do fish fingers aswell.

    I have been doing this for years -- fish (crumbed or otherwise), hamburger patties, omelettes, fried eggs, steak, reheating pizza, and occasionally I get REAL crazy and ... use it to toast a sandwich.

    I use sandwich press for eggs :D Its super fast and non-stick!

    Shake and bake pancakes! - Cooks them perfectly - a hit in the office for morning teas!

    Time to get a Weber Q, people.

    "Single-use appliances are a waste of space"

    True. Toasters are so 90's, and whoever invented the kettle commited a crime against humanity itself...

    (Psst... that was actually sarcasm)

    For the record my favourite use for a sandwich press is meat pies. Microwave for 4-5 minutes heats them nicely but leaves them soft and sometimes even a bit soggy. Into the sandwich press for 2-3 minutes and they're almost as nice as out of the oven but in a third to a quarter of the time.

    There is a website dedicated to this -

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