Chrome's Click-to-Play Plug-In Settings Moved To About:Flags

Chrome's Dev channel recently brought in a feature that could selectively disable plug-ins like Flash and Java until you clicked to activate them on a page. Neat! But now if you go looking for the setting, it's not there.

Until you enable it from the about:flags page (by typing about:flags into your address bar). You'll find it at the very bottom at the moment, as the list of "Flags" grows with every release.


    For anyone who had this flag enabled through the options settings previously, when this flag was added, they didn't move the setting properly in the config. The result is all of my plug-ins (i.e. flash) loaded with "Plug-in not allowed".

    If you run into this issue, simply hit: about:flags and enable click to play from there. That will fix the issue for you..

    Such is the life of a development build tester :)

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