Buy Double When You Find Clothes You Like

Just found an item of clothing that fits perfectly and looks great on you? Consider buying exactly the same garment again.

Style columnist Maggie Alderson (who has recently made the shift to publishing online after more than a decade as a Good Weekend columnist — welcome to WordPress Maggie!) argues for the approach she describes as "a wear and a spare":

Buying the same thing in the same colour means you will get much more wear out of each of them. If one would have lasted six months of heavy use, two will last 18 months. They won’t get clothing fatigue from overuse and overwashing which maddeningly condemns your most favourite items to having the shortest lifespan in your closet. You need to rest fabric between wearings, like shoes. Having a Spare locked down also means I can actually wear my perfect trouser whenever I damn well please, knowing I still have the other for best.

You can take this approach to greater extremes: I have ten identical sets of work socks and no others, which means I never have to worry about pairing them up after washing them. People who are more concerned about their appearance than I am would probably find that tedious, but it demonstrates that the buying in bulk approach works at both ends of the fashion spectrum.

Which garments do you find so useful you wish you'd bought more than one of them? Tell us in the comments.

More is more [Maggie Alderson - Style Notes]


    Socks: 20x black "Bonds"
    Undies: 20x "Bonds"
    T-Shirts: 20x Rivers ($4.80 on sale)
    Cargo Shorts: 12x Rivers

    Shoes: Red Back - "Chef" X 3
    One for when we hit a nice restaurant.
    One I wear everyday.
    One I wear for gardening.
    When one wears out...
    Then all take a step down the chain.

    Fashion is for suckers.
    Comfort and functionality works for me.

    Just found a perfect fitting pair of boots at Colorado for 75% off so I bought three pairs for less than the retail cost of one. Just have to make sure to rotate them so that the leather doesn't degrade from non-use.

    I have been doing this for many years.

    Socks, undies, shirts, shorts. Sometimes I get the same thing in the same colour, other times I get the same thing in a different colour.

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