Burg-Manager Easily Installs A Slick-Looking Dual-Boot Startup Screen

Linux only: We recently spotlighted the Burg startup manager, which offers a nicer-looking menu for your dual-boot system. Burg-manager, a free utility, makes installing, customising, theming and otherwise controlling your Burg screen a snap.

Grab the latest version of Burg-manager from the link below, and install it in Ubuntu or a Debian-based system (there are source packages for other systems, of course). Burg installs somewhat on top of the old GRUB standard, so it detects the systems you already have available. From the Burg-manager menu, you can change what offerings are shown, select a default boot OS, add and choose themes, and customise every last little bit of your pre-boot screen.

Want to see Burg in action, as compared to GRUB? Give a look-see:

Burg-manager is a free download for Linux systems only.

Burg-manager 1.0.0 released [SOURCES.LIST]


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