Bins, Monitors And Workbenches: Inside The Office Of CircuitGizmos

Many of our featured workspaces focus on readers' efforts to par down their offices to Zen-like workspaces, devoid of clutter. Today's featured workspace is well organised but certainly not clutter free; all the meters, gadgets, gizmos and electronics are vital to it.

Lifehacker reader superglue99x is the guy behind CircuitGizmos, a supplier of electronic parts and gadgets for electronic hobbyists. On top of supplying parts he also puts together dozens of tutorials right in his office. Check out the pictures below to see the myriad of electronics books, parts bins, and workstations that make up his office.

Visit the full writeup at CircuitGizmo's below to see more pictures and read about life in the CircuitGizmos' Prototype Lab.

CircuitGizmos' Prototype Lab [CircuitGizmos via Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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